DC online casino bonus

DC casino bonus
Online casino bonuses in Washington DC

The state of Washington DC is one of the states that allow sports wagering but not online casino gaming. So the Office of Lottery and Gaming (OLG) in DC has not completely ruled out gambling and we’ll have to see if they will consider legalizing online casinos as well in the future.

Online casinos were actually made legal in 2011, but this was repealed within only a few months. Promises were made that the situation would be revisited in 2012, but there has been no further development in the legalization of gambling within the state.

There are hopes that Washington DC gambling legislation will change, particularly with the emergence of several online casinos across the United States. With this in mind, we look at how the DC online casino scene should look if and when current legislation is relaxed, and how Washington DC online casino bonuses will work.

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All about Washington DC casino bonuses

This is probably how DC casino bonuses will be awarded once they’ve been legalized. A variety of bonuses are usually available. Typically a welcome or sign-up bonus, as well as several in-play bonuses, and more DC online casino bonus offers.

In below we explain different kinds of online casino bonuses in DC. It’s important to know your options so you’ll know what kinds of bonuses suits your needs the best.

Washington DC online casino signup bonus

Once you’ve registered for a DC online casino, you can expect to find a welcome bonus. These typically take the form of a deposit match. In that scenario, the casino will match your initial deposit, up to a prescribed value.

The match could also be as a percentage of your wager. There are usually play-through conditions before you can withdraw your bonus, so be aware of those. Play-through usually requires that you turn your initial deposit over a certain amount of times.

Some casinos go even further than that, offering an additional percentage bonus on your second, or even third deposits. And sometimes you might get some additional free spins bonuses when you first sign up for a DC casino. As always read the terms and conditions associated with bonuses.

DC casino deposit bonus

DC casino promotion
Washington DC online casino promotions

Deposit bonuses are easily the most common form of bonuses in DC. It can be called either a deposit bonus, deposit match or a reload bonus. Online casinos can offer you these deposit bonuses at any time. This could also result from you accumulating loyalty points, should the casino have a rewards program.

Consider the percentage offered if it’s not a full deposit match. Decide if the DC casino deposit bonus is going to be worth the wagers you will have to play to receive it. Most likely, it will.

Although, sometimes the play-through conditions mean that you will have to wager far more than the bonus is worth. Therefore, read the terms carefully and decide if you have enough time to complete the higher wagering requirements. In these cases it might be smarter to make a bit smaller deposit, because the wagering is always tied to the amount of your investment. Smaller deposit, smaller overall wagering.

No deposit casino bonus and free spins in DC

Some DC online casino offers will include free spins and no deposit bonuses. These are lower value offers as they don’t require play-throughs, and are easier for the player to clear.

When choosing a bonus, there will usually be requirements that you have to meet. The terms are there to prevent people from joining, playing out their bonus, and then leaving. Casinos want their clients to remain with them for a long time, and one-off bettors do not fit in with that business model.

DC free spins bonus might be available at any time. These can be random bonuses, or dependent on achieving certain targets within a game.

These free spin bonuses will usually be awarded for selected games and promotions. Free spins are usually only available for a certain amount of time, so make sure you use them before they expire.

DC online casino promo code and bonus code

DC casino bonus code
Online casino bonus codes in Washington DC

Casino promo codes may be words or number codes and are issued by the casinos, and their online partners and affiliates. These casino promo codes will enable you to participate in selected games and promotional events.

The promotional code issued to you might be unique, and cannot be used by anyone else, or in any game other than that specified. Promo codes will also have an expiry date or time attached to them, so make sure you use your promo codes before expiry. The expiration date could also be related to the duration of a specific game.

DC online casino bonus and promo codes are usually related to matching a percentage of your bet. For example, a prescribed percentage of your bet will be matched by the casino, with a condition on the wager that is placed, like a 50% bonus on a wager of up to a maximum of $300.

A requirement can be that the whole bet must be played over before you can withdraw. Sometimes you may have to play the bet or bonus through several times before you can withdraw it. There will almost always be a play-through condition attached to a bonus.

Some play-through conditions may require you to risk far more money than the bonus is worth, so you need to weigh up whether you deem it worthwhile. Make yourself familiar with whatever terms and conditions are applied to the bonus codes.

Social casino gambling in DC

Social casino gambling in Washington DC is legal. It might be a bit confusing but the main difference between social casinos and online casinos is money. You can’t play with real money on social casino and therefore you can’t win real money either.

The idea of social casinos is that you can enjoy the gambling thrill without actually investing any money. It’s just for fun and you can be as bold bettor as you want to be. Although, if you are interested in real money gambling in DC sports betting is legal and you can read more about it by clicking the link below.

FAQ – Online casino bonus in DC

Here are some questions and answers related to DC online casinos:

Are online casinos legal in DC?

No, not at the time of writing. There have been moves in recent years to overturn gambling legislation, but Washington DC online casinos remain prohibited. As long as the gambling ban is in effect, there can be no in-state online casinos.

What are online casino bonuses?

Bonuses are used to attract the player into a casino, or specific game. Welcome, or sign-up bonuses are also awarded to new members and are usually generous. In some cases, these will match your initial deposit, up to a specified value. The casino will also offer other special bonuses from time to time.

Who offers online casino bonuses in DC?

There are no legal online casino operators in the state of Washington DC. Until the current gambling laws are repealed, or at least modified, no building-based or online casinos will be permitted to operate within the borders of Washington DC state.

What is an online casino promo code?

A promo code is a code word, number or phrase, that is issued by a casino, or its affiliates, for gambling on a specific game, or promotional campaign. These promotion codes could be generated by the online casino itself or a developer for a newly released game.

What is social casino gambling?

Social casino gambling is a form of gambling where no actual money changes hands between parties. In other words, social casino gambling is purely for entertainment purposes. As this does not infringe on any gambling laws, provided no money or goods are involved, it is not subject to gambling legislation.

How to claim a DC online casino bonus?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here is a brief outline of how you can claim your online bonuses

  1. Sign up

    Visit the casino website and complete the registration process.

  2. Choose your bonus

    Choose the type of bonus you wish to claim. This may be a welcoming bonus, a game-specific bonus, or a no deposit bonus.

  3. Check the T&C

    Read the terms and conditions related to the specific bonus and determine the play-through requirements.

  4. Make your first deposit

    Make your deposit by selecting your preferred payment method and enter the bonus code you received from the online casino

  5. Start gambling

    Play the game(s) for which your bonus code is relevant.