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March Madness Offers
March Madness Offers on

March Madness is the name given to the major end-of-year college basketball tournament run by the NCAA. The team winning this tournament is crowned national champion, and, understandably, March Madness betting is a huge draw for fans.

Gambling providers take advantage of so many games being played in a short span by providing NCAA betting promotions. If you’re thinking about betting on March Madness in 2022, read below to find out about the best college basketball promotions available.

March Madness promotions 2022

In addition to the upcoming March Madness promotions, many sportsbooks in NJ will also allow you to use standard bonuses on these games as well. Sites with excellent welcome bonuses include PointsBet and Unibet, which you’ll find discussed in greater detail below. PointsBet is also one of the sportsbooks that keep adding successful athletes to their team, including the latest ambassador addition Drew Brees.

When it comes to March Madness promos, some of the the biggest operators like BetMGM and PointsBet have announced their March Madness 2022 promotions. Last year we saw some extremely nice bonuses and boosted odds from almost all the sportsbooks, so let’s see what they have prepared for us this year.

BetMGM basketball promo – free bets

BetMGM basketball promo
Get tour BetMGM basketball promo today

BetMGM sportsbook is offering all new players a chance to win easy money by betting on their favorite college basketball team. When you deposit and bet at least $10 on college basketball, you’ll get $200 in free bets if any team scores a 3-pointer during March Matchups.

This BetMGM March Madness offer is pretty much as good as it gets. If (well, more like when) the 3-pointer is scored, you’ll get your free bets awarded in four parts, $50 each. Check out the complete terms and conditions on operators promotions page and click the button below to get your BetMGM basketball promo.

BetMGM March Matchups promotion has now expired, but no need to worry, you can still claim their amazingly generous welcome bonus for new players. Click the button below to join BetMGM sportsbook and bet up to $1,000 risk-free.

PointsBet limited offer promo code

PointsBet March Madness 2021 offers have expired, but you can still enjoy their massive $2,000 risk-free bet offer when you sign up. Take the offer below.

The PointsBet NJ offer for NCAA basketball is on a limited-time basis. Use our exclusive PointsBet promo code MADCOIN and claim this unbelievable good offer. All you need to do is to sign up and bet $20 on either the spread or money line for any college basketball tournament game. If either team scores at least a single point (which they will), you’ll win $150. Easy money!

Unibet $40 free bet

Unibet March Madness 2021 free bet offer has expired, but click the button below to claim Unibet NJ welcome bonus while you wait for the March Madness 2022 promos to be launched.

Unibet is one of the best options for receiving a bonus on NCAA basketball. For the tournament specifically, you’ll find multiple promotions on its website. Unibet has a combined welcome offer for all their new players in New Jersey. This amazing offer will award you with a $250 risk free bet at Unibet sportsbook.

The Bettor Bracket is a tournament-related Unibet offer that allows you to pick winners against the spread every round for a chance at $24,000. You’ll also find a Unibet promo for select games during each round to get a $5 bonus for every 10 points scored. Just sign up for Unibet and check the Promo tab to see all March Madness offers.

888sport boosted odds

Unfortunately 888sport is no longer available for players in NJ, but check out the latest sportsbook to enter New Jersey betting; Betway.

888sport has not taken the same road as most of the other sportsbooks in New Jersey. Instead of daily free bets and constantly changing offers, they make you bite your nails till the end of the tournament. 888sports is offering all their new players boosted odds for March Madness which give you a chance to win up to $810 by betting just $10.

888sport March Madness offer is divided in two and you need to decide if you want to bet on the final four, or the winner of the tournament. You can bet on Gonzaga, Baylor, Michigan or Illinois. All you need to do is sign up for 888sport and bet $10 with bonus code BOOST888 on your favorite team secure yourself some ridiculously good odds. And how can you get your hands into these magical odds?

The best of March Madness

March Madness and the Best Promos
March Madness and the Best Promos

March Madness is a celebration of everything we love about sports. It features the best players on the best teams, with everything on the line.

This often leads to the year’s top sporting moments. Additionally, due to its popularity, March Madness has some of the best bonuses for a limited time in all sportsbook gambling.

Best March Madness odds

Now that you have a better understanding of what it is, we’ll look at which teams have good odds to win March Madness in 2022. The odds themselves will vary depending on the bookmaker you choose, but some of the better sites in this regard include PointsBet and Unibet.

Looking at some of these top sites, you will find similarities in favorites and underdogs. According to PointsBet, the teams with the best March Madness odds in 2022 are Gonzaga, Purdue, Duke, Kansas and Baylor. Of course these will change as the season goes along and you can check out the current situation at the PointsBet website.

Best March Madness bonus for betting

Although many sites will offer a March Madness betting bonus, not all promotions are created equally. Keep in mind that you may find a March Madness betting bonus or two that differ from round to round.

The best bonus for betting at March Madness 2022 is yet to come, but It’s also good to keep i mind that you can bet on multiple sportsbooks and take advantage of several different offers.

Best March Madness basketball players

Basketball is such an exciting sport to watch and bet on live due to the overwhelming talent of its top players. Some of the best March Madness basketball players to keep an eye out for this year include

  • Iowa’s Luke Garza
  • Baylor’s Jared Butler
  • Oklahoma State’s Cade Cunningham
  • Illinois’ Ayo Dosunma
  • Michigan’s Frank Wagner

The best March Madness basketball players of all time went on to become NBA legends. This list includes three-time NCAA champion Lew Alcindor, more colloquially known as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

FAQ – March Madness betting

What is March Madness?

It is a 68-team tournament that crowns the champion of college basketball. It’s played every spring in the United States and as the name suggests, most of the games are played in March.

When is March Madness?

It begins in early March and concludes in the first couple of weeks in April. In 2022, the first round is set to begin on March 13th, and the Final is slated for April 4th.

How long does a college basketball game last?

College basketball games are split into two 20 minute halves. Including stoppages and commercials, each game runs anywhere from 90 minutes to over two hours.

March Madness scores are expected to range from 60 to 70 points per team each game. Teams with the best March Madness players will score up to 80-85 points a game.

How to bet on March Madness?

You’ll find a few different avenues for betting on March Madness. You can bet on individual games and outcomes, including over/under spreads and player statistics.

Additionally, you’ll be able to place outright bets on the tournament champion, as well as bracket challenges. These challenges will vary depending on the bookmaker you are using.

What is the best March Madness betting offer in 2022?

All sportsbook are currently offering great bonuses that can be used when betting on March Madness. Just select your state from the menu and find a list of best sportsbook bonuses in your home state.

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